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  • Cravings - 10 Min Meditation 2 of 7

Cravings - 10 Min Meditation 2 of 7

Friday 3rd January 2020

Learn how to overcome alcohol cravings with the free Sober Meditations app. Join Buddy C. in this meditation series that shares tools to help with cravings.
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Overcoming Alcohol Cravings with Sober Meditations - A Meditation Series by Buddy C.

Sobriety is for everyone. You're worthy of sobriety. If sobriety works for me, it can work for you.
Buddy C. is a recovering alcoholic who shares his experience, strength, and hope with others through his meditation series, Sober Meditations. In his latest meditation, Buddy C. talks about the importance of breath and positive affirmations in overcoming alcohol cravings.
The Sober Meditations app is a free resource that offers contemplative meditations for those in alcohol recovery. Buddy C. leads a meditation series specifically focused on cravings. In each meditation, he shares a tool that has helped him overcome cravings in his own recovery.
Buddy C. emphasizes that sobriety is for everyone and that everyone is worthy of sobriety. He encourages listeners to use positive affirmations to combat guilt and shame often felt by those in recovery. The temporary nature of cravings is also discussed, with the reminder that cravings are not permanent and can be overcome.
Honesty and trusted relationships are also important in recovery, according to Buddy C. He suggests that having trusted people to talk to and share experiences with is crucial in overcoming alcohol cravings. As he notes, 'We're only as sick as our secrets.'
By using the tools provided in the Sober Meditations app and following the guidance of Buddy C., those in alcohol recovery can develop the skills needed to overcome cravings and maintain sobriety. Listen to the full meditation series now on alcoholfree.com.