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  • Cravings - 20 Min Meditation 1 of 7

Cravings - 20 Min Meditation 1 of 7

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join Buddy C in this 20-minute guided meditation on cravings and staying connected with oneself and higher power. Listen to Sober Meditations on alcoholfree.com.
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Finding Peace Through Sober Meditations: A 20-Minute Guided Meditation on Cravings

If I'm having problems with cravings, then it would be good to evaluate how I'm spending my time. Am I still trying to do this on my own, with my own ideas?
Sober Meditations is a free app that offers a resource of contemplative meditations for those seeking recovery from alcohol addiction. In the podcast episode titled "Cravings - 20 Min Meditation 1 of 7," Buddy C guides listeners through a 20-minute meditation on staying connected with oneself and higher power to overcome cravings. Meditation has been shown to have numerous benefits in alcohol recovery, including reducing stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep, and increasing overall well-being.
In this episode, Buddy C emphasizes the importance of connection with others and higher power in recovery and offers practical tips for staying connected, such as attending meetings and reaching out to sober supports. He also delves into the role of the first step in recovery and the power of we in Alcoholics Anonymous. Buddy C reminds listeners that there are many gifts of recovery available, but it is up to them to respond to them.
He encourages listeners to journal their meditation experiences and continue through the entire series before making an evaluation. The episode ends with a call-to-action to listen to Sober Meditations on alcoholfree.com. Through this 20-minute meditation, listeners can find peace and strength in their recovery journey.