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  • Cravings - 20 Min Meditation 6 of 7

Cravings - 20 Min Meditation 6 of 7

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join Buddy C in Sober Meditations' 20-minute guided meditation on overcoming alcohol cravings. Learn how to accept powerlessness and surrender to a higher power. Listen on alcoholfree.com.
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Overcoming Cravings: A Guided Meditation for Alcohol Recovery

Powerlessness is the reason I needed AA, the reason I needed a program. Sometimes I'll count breaths, I'll count up to ten, then start over again with one. I had to accept that I was powerless over much more than just alcohol, because what would happen with me? Then a situation would come up in life that I would try to control that I could not, would make me angry when circumstances would not turn out the way that I wanted and I would want to drink to escape.
In the sixth episode of Sober Meditations, Buddy C leads listeners through a 20-minute guided meditation on overcoming cravings in alcohol recovery. As a recovering alcoholic himself, Buddy C shares his personal experience with powerlessness and the link between unmanageability and addiction. Through the practice of meditation and surrendering to a higher power, Buddy C has found freedom from cravings and urges to drink. Counting breaths is one tool he uses to focus his mind during meditation. Buddy C emphasizes the importance of accepting powerlessness and the dangers of self-confidence in recovery. By helping others, he has found a solution to his own struggles with addiction.
The guided meditation begins with deep breathing and a focus on relaxation. Buddy C encourages listeners to feel their bodies pressing down into their chairs and to release any tension they may be holding. He acknowledges that cravings can be overwhelming and that it is normal to feel distracted during meditation. Through the practice of accepting powerlessness and surrendering to a higher power, Buddy C has found strength and liberation in his recovery.
Listeners will find this episode of Sober Meditations inspiring, empowering, and informative. It offers a practical tool for coping with cravings and urges to drink. Buddy C's personal experience and reflections provide hope and encouragement to those in recovery. To listen to the full episode and access more resources for alcohol recovery meditations, visit alcoholfree.com and download the free Sober Meditations app.