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  • Letting Go 10 Min Meditation 3 of 7

Letting Go 10 Min Meditation 3 of 7

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Join Buddy C for the third installment of the Letting Go series on Sober Meditations. Dive deep into the power of surrender and explore the essence of powerlessness in the first step of alcohol recovery.
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Letting Go with Sober Meditations: A Guided Meditation for Alcohol Recovery

Maybe ask your higher power to bring some examples to you of people that you know in recovery, who are getting sober, that if it works for them, you know it can work for you, and maybe you can realize that you are worth the effort it takes to learn to practice this program in all your affairs.
Sober Meditations, the free app for alcohol recovery meditation, offers a 10-minute guided meditation with Buddy C. In the third installment of the Letting Go series, Buddy shares his experiences and tools for surrender and letting go. As an alcoholic in recovery, Buddy understands the essence of powerlessness in the first step and the importance of meditation in exploring the power of surrender.
He encourages listeners to sit in a comfortable position and breathe deeply to feel relaxed, with no effort or control. Buddy reminds us that our higher power is not prejudiced and encourages us to explore examples of people in recovery who have found sobriety. By recognizing our own worthiness and practicing self-love, we can overcome fear and blocks to letting go. Journaling and seeking support from sponsors and friends in recovery can also aid in the journey to surrender.
Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com and join Buddy C in discovering the power of surrender and letting go.