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  • Letting Go 10 Min Meditation 5 of 7

Letting Go 10 Min Meditation 5 of 7

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Discover a powerful tool to help you let go and surrender in this sober meditation episode. Join Buddy C. in this transformative journey towards recovery.
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Stop Resisting and Start Letting Go: A Sober Meditation to Help You Surrender

The power that [emotions] were receiving was from my resistance. It's amazing.
In this episode of Sober Meditations, Buddy C. guides us through a transformative meditation on surrender and letting go. As a recovering alcoholic, Buddy C. shares his personal experience with tools that have helped him in his journey. The episode begins with a brief introduction to Sober Meditations, a resource for contemplative alcohol recovery meditations available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Buddy C. then invites listeners to sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths, guiding them towards a relaxed state. He emphasizes the importance of not resisting emotions and allowing oneself to feel them.
Through personal anecdotes, Buddy C. illustrates the dangers of resistance and the power of surrender. He shares a tool for acknowledging negative emotions and letting them go, which involves visualizing them as balloons and watching them float away. He also emphasizes the importance of surrendering payoffs to negative emotions, such as pride and ego, before surrendering the emotion itself.
Buddy C. guides listeners through a meditation technique for letting go, inviting them to return to their breath and let their minds be free. He encourages them to bring their attention back to their body and the immediate environment, and to note any epiphanies in a meditation journal. He concludes the episode with a call-to-action to join him in the sixth meditation of the series on surrender and letting go.
Overall, this episode offers a powerful tool for anyone seeking to surrender and let go, not just in the context of alcohol recovery but in everyday life. It highlights the importance of acknowledging and not resisting emotions, surrendering payoffs to negative emotions, and incorporating meditation techniques for letting go. By sharing his personal experience and guiding listeners through a meditation, Buddy C. inspires and empowers listeners towards healing and transformation. Listen to this episode now on alcoholfree.com.