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  • Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 7 of 7

Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 7 of 7

Monday 6th January 2020

Discover the benefits of letting go in alcohol recovery with Sober Meditations. Dive into the insights from the Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 7 of 7 episode. Listen to the podcast now on alcoholfree.com.
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The Power of Letting Go: Insights from the Sober Meditations Podcast Episode

I found that out with my alcoholism. Actually, that, I believe, is what Bill W found was that he was helped when he helped another alcoholic.
Sober Meditations, a resource of contemplative alcohol recovery meditations, has been helping recovering alcoholics for years. In the Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 7 of 7 episode, Buddy C. shares his insights on the power of letting go in alcohol recovery. Buddy C. starts the episode by taking listeners through a guided meditation, helping them to relax and let go of their tension. He emphasizes the importance of surrender and letting go in the first step of alcohol recovery. He offers tips for meditating to help let go, such as focusing on the breath and noticing sounds without resistance. He also shares his personal experience of finding relief through helping others, rather than focusing solely on himself.
Buddy C. goes on to discuss the role of prayer in recovery, specifically the power of forgiveness and treating others with kindness. He encourages listeners to act their way into right thinking, rather than thinking their way into right acting. He emphasizes the importance of sharing experiences in recovery, and invites listeners to share their notes and thoughts with others.
The Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 7 of 7 episode is a great resource for those struggling with alcohol recovery. It offers practical tips for letting go and surrendering control, as well as personal insights from Buddy C.'s own journey. Sober Meditations is a 100% FREE app, available on both the Apple and Google Play App Stores. If you're interested in presenting a meditation, reach out to them. If you have found this podcast helpful, share it with your friends and sponsors in recovery. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com and discover the power of letting go in your alcohol recovery journey.