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  • Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 20 Min Meditation 2 of 9

Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 20 Min Meditation 2 of 9

Thursday 2nd January 2020

In this episode of Sober Meditations, Buddy C. explores the power of smiling when feeling disturbed or agitated. Listen to the podcast now on alcoholfree.com.
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Discover the Power of Smiling with Sober Meditations

The stress we're feeling really is not real. It's self-imposed, it's an illusion.
Sober Meditations is a powerful resource for those in recovery from alcohol addiction, and in this episode, Buddy C. delves into the topic of tools for handling disturbances and agitation. In the second meditation of the Tools When Disturbed or Agitated series, Buddy C. explores the power of smiling in difficult situations. He encourages listeners to try smiling at a situation instead of reacting negatively or becoming agitated.
This simple action can help to change one's attitude and lead to greater contentment. In addition, Buddy C. talks about the importance of accepting and being open to sounds, even those that may initially be perceived as unpleasant. He guides listeners through a meditation that encourages them to be with the sounds around them and to express gratitude for them. Through this practice, listeners can learn to be more open-minded and lower their resistance to the world around them.
Buddy C. also emphasizes the benefits of meditation in recovery, including the ability to uncover insights about oneself and to take action even when it seems silly or insignificant. He encourages listeners to show kindness to others, to help and love others, and to take action even when they don't know the next right step. This episode of Sober Meditations is inspiring, empowering, and hopeful, offering listeners valuable tools for navigating the challenges of recovery.
Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com and discover the power of smiling and acceptance in your own life.