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  • Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 20 Min Meditation 4 of 9

Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 20 Min Meditation 4 of 9

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join Buddy C in the fourth episode of Sober Meditations as he discusses the importance of having a sponsor and being a sponsor in your alcohol recovery journey.
20 minutes

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Tools When Disturbed or Agitated: The Benefits of Having a Sponsor and Being a Sponsor

Having someone in my life that I can talk to about the most sensitive things that knows me so well. Like a sponsor gets to know, a sponsor is so important. When I'm agitated many times, I cannot really see the forest for the trees, and if I just have a discussion with my sponsor, things get so much clearer.
Sober Meditations is a free app that helps individuals in their alcohol recovery journey through contemplative meditations. In the fourth episode of the podcast, Buddy C leads listeners through a 20-minute meditation and discusses the benefits of having a sponsor and being a sponsor. Buddy emphasizes the importance of having someone in your life that you can talk to about sensitive issues and how this can help provide clarity during times of agitation.
He also shares how being a sponsor can be a powerful tool in your own recovery journey. Buddy encourages listeners to seek out a sponsor if they don't have one and to be open, honest, and willing to discuss vulnerable things in their lives. The episode reminds listeners to take advantage of the tools that are available to them and to use what has worked for others in recovery.
The power of meditation is also highlighted throughout the episode as a means of finding peace and relaxation. Buddy's insights are inspiring, empowering, informative, hopeful, and encouraging, making this episode a must-listen for anyone on their alcohol recovery journey. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com.