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  • Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 2 of 9

Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 2 of 9

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join Buddy C. in the second episode of Sober Meditations' series on Tools When Disturbed or Agitated. Explore the power of a smile in coping with difficult situations in alcohol recovery. Listen now on alcoholfree.com!
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Tools When Disturbed or Agitated: The Power of a Smile in Alcohol Recovery

Instead of reacting when we feel that twinge of disturbance coming, what if we try to smile at that situation?
Sober Meditations is a free app that provides contemplative alcohol recovery meditations. In the second episode of the Tools When Disturbed or Agitated series, Buddy C. focuses on the power of a smile in coping with difficult situations. Instead of reacting with anger or stress, Buddy encourages listeners to try smiling at the situation. By introducing kindness into the equation, Buddy believes that it is possible to let go of the disturbance and find peace. This tool is especially relevant in recovery, where individuals may find themselves struggling with cravings, triggers, and difficult emotions.
Buddy's meditation techniques involve sitting back in a comfortable position, breathing deeply, and allowing the body to relax. By focusing on the breath, individuals can reach a place of peace and ease, which allows them to let go of tension and stress. Once in this state, Buddy encourages listeners to try smiling at the situation, even if it seems inappropriate. By doing so, individuals can shift their attitude and let go of negative emotions.
Kindness is a key theme in the episode, and Buddy believes that it is a powerful tool for coping with difficult situations. By sending kindness to the person or situation that is causing disturbance, individuals can open their hearts and find peace. This technique may seem silly or ineffective at first, but Buddy emphasizes that it takes practice and patience to see the benefits.
The episode also highlights the benefits of meditation in alcohol recovery. By allowing the mind to be completely free, individuals can uncover insights and experiences that they may not be aware of otherwise. These insights can be used to talk to a sponsor or to take action in recovery. Buddy encourages listeners to make notes in their meditation journal and to put to use the things they learn about themselves while meditating.
Overall, the episode is an inspiring and empowering resource for individuals in alcohol recovery. By exploring the power of a smile, Buddy offers a practical and effective tool for coping with difficult situations. With kindness and patience, individuals can find peace and ease in recovery. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com!