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  • Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 7 of 9

Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 7 of 9

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Learn about different recovery tools and meditation techniques in this episode of Sober Meditations. Join Buddy C. in exploring ways to handle disturbances and agitation in life and take the first step towards a better, sober life.
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Discovering Recovery Tools: A Sober Meditation Series

We have so many tools available to us just at our fingertips. If we'll just make the effort, I know, many times I would put off drinking. I would say you know, if I feel this bad in the morning I will drink, and when the morning came, most of the time I felt much better.
Sober Meditations is a resource of contemplative alcohol recovery meditations. In this episode, Buddy C. guides the listeners through a 5-minute meditation on how to handle disturbances and agitation in life. Buddy C. talks about the different tools that he uses in recovery, including podcasts, YouTube speakers, and meditation. He emphasizes the importance of allowing ourselves to feel the disturbance that is so much a part of processing feelings and thoughts. Buddy C.
also shares his experience with daily devotions, recovery groups, and not keeping secrets. He believes that being vulnerable and sharing our struggles with someone we trust can help us heal and grow. Buddy C. also talks about the benefits of reading recovery books, attending meetings, texting someone out of the blue, and checking on our loved ones.
He reminds us that we have so many tools available to us, and all we need to do is make the effort to use them. The podcast concludes with a call-to-action for listeners to join the free Sober Meditations app and start their journey towards a better, sober life. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com.