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  • Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 8 of 9

Tools When Disturbed or Agitated 5 Min Meditation 8 of 9

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Discover the power of childlike faith and surrender in alcohol recovery meditations. Join Buddy C in a Christian meditation on the tools to overcome agitation and disturbance. Listen now on alcoholfree.com!
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Returning to the Innocence of Childhood: Tools for Overcoming Agitation and Disturbance

I really feel that that's what recovery has given me is a path of spirituality that returns my attitude toward my higher power to that one of a child.
Sober Meditations is an app that provides a resource of contemplative alcohol recovery meditations. One of the most powerful meditations in the app is the Tools When Disturbed or Agitated series, which is recorded by recovering alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in a contemplative meditation format. In this episode of the series, Buddy C takes the listener on a journey to explore the power of childlike faith and surrender in alcohol recovery.
The meditation begins with deep breathing exercises that help the listener to relax and let go of tension and anxiety. Then, Buddy C reads a passage from Matthew Three in the message version where Jesus speaks about returning to square one and starting over like children. Buddy C reflects on this passage and shares how recovery has given him a path of spirituality that returns his attitude towards his higher power to that of a child.
He talks about how children have a simple life where they have fun, share things, and do what they are asked to do. Similarly, when we surrender control and trust our higher power for all our needs, we can find peace and ease in our lives.
Buddy C emphasizes that we are never asked to do anything that we are not capable of doing and that we have access to such a life of peace and ease if we just learn to surrender and trust our higher power in all things. The meditation ends with a moment of complete freedom where the listener is encouraged to let go of any focus and let the mind be completely free.
Buddy C then brings the listener's attention back to the body and the immediate environment. He encourages the listener to remember that when they don't know the next right action to take, they can always look around for someone to help, and when they choose to help someone, things fall into place. This episode is not only informative but also inspiring, empowering, and encouraging.
It offers tools for overcoming agitation and disturbance in our lives and reminds us of the power of childlike faith and surrender in alcohol recovery. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com!